Foamy Fun 11/08/2016 – Posted in: Blog

Foamy Fun

It’s all too easy to want to make a rapid move from a foam board to a shorter, harder board. It fits under your arm easily, slides into the car and is the ‘cooler board choice,’ right? Wrong!

So many start-up surfers make the premature move and then wonder why they can’t catch a wave for hours. So why stick to a foamy? The extra volume gets you on to waves, gives you a better paddle speed, is more forgiving with foot placement and gives you a speedier surf. But it isn’t just beginners who can enjoy the benefits of a foamy. When conditions are right, they can be the best choice for any level of surfer.

Steve Halpin, Editor of Real Surfing Magazine Cornwall, can often be spotted ripping through waves on his soft board while experienced surfers sit out back and wait.

“I have been surfing for 31 years and these days in the soft summer waves I exclusively ride 8ft foamboards in all surf conditions from 1ft – 5ft,” said Steve.

Steve grew up in Brighton in the eighties, when surfing was a bit of a subculture. He moved to Cornwall after falling in love with its rugged beauty and spirit… and surf.

He added: “I currently ride the `Seasoft 8ft model and have nicknamed it `The wave harvester!’ The board paddles into waves with incredible ease and turns deceptively easily. It has great build quality and is an affordable price. The only downside… less waves for everyone else haha!!! To sum up the board in three words: Fun, Fun, Fun.”

We’re not saying throw out your short or long boards. Far from it. Just be aware of making that board progression too soon. And when you do, keep your foamy close by. You’ve got plenty of years of fun to be had on it.