11 Beach Safety Tips You Need To Know 11/08/2016 – Posted in: Beach Safety

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11 Beach Safety Tips You Need To Know

The beach is a great place to have fun and relax with your family all year round. If you’re not a regular at the beach it’s important to know how to ensure your family’s safety while having fun on the sand and in the sea. We’ve compiled 11 essential beach safety tips to make sure you have a brilliant day:

1. Always apply sunscreen to yours and your family’s skin. This will protect your skin from burning; too much time spent in the sun without sunscreen can increase your risk to skin cancer and premature skin aging. Use at least a factor 15 sunscreen (SPF15), although we recommend using a factor 30+ (SPF30) and a factor 50 for children (SPF50). Read the instructions on the sunscreen bottle on how and when to apply. We highly recommend Kidsskin and Surfersskin which are available on this very site. Click here to view these sunscreens.

2. Wear a hat if it is a sunny day, as this will provide extra protection to avoid burning around the head and neck area.

3. Wear flip-flops, sandals or shoes whilst walking or running along the beach. You never know what you could step on. There can be all types of hidden nasties in the sand waiting for your bare feet, the most common are: broken glass, sharp plastics, or even hot coals from someone’s left over barbecue from last night.

4. Wherever possible, always swim, body board or surf on a beach where there are lifeguard patrols. They are there for your safety!

5. Read all signs on the beach so you aware of all conditions for that beach. Conditions can vary dramatically from beach to beach.

6. Know your beach flags and ensure that you abide by them. Read our blog ‘What Does Each Beach Flag Mean?’ for further information on these flags.

7. Never swim alone.

8. Be aware of rip currents. If you get into one, always swim parallel to the beach until you’re out of it – if you try to swim forwards you will usually be dragged further back.

8. If you get into trouble in the water stick your hand in the air and shout for help. If you see someone else in trouble do not attempt to rescue them yourself. Instead, inform the lifeguards straight away as they are fully trained to make rescues.

9. Never leave children alone or unattended on the beach. A beach is a friendly and fun environment, like any other public place it comes with risks and your little ones should not be left on their own.

10. Make sure that your equipment is in good condition before going to the beach. Don’t ever attempt to body board or surf on a broken board. Check out our boards and accessories here for anything that may need to be replaced.

11. Don’t leave your valuables such as your car keys and wallet/purse unattended whilst in the sea.