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About Family Surfing

Family Surfing was conceived in 2015 to provide families with resources to help research and buy the very best surfing equipment.

Our aim is to be the world’s leading resource for anyone who is looking for the most reliable and best value equipment for what we think is the most fun sport on the planet!

Our aim is to:

-Make families lives easier by pooling knowledge, advice and support.
-We try, as far as possible to offer independent advice and encourage conversation and best advise.

We are independently owned and we endeavor to conduct business in an ethical manner. Read More

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About Family Surfing Continued…

With this in mind we only sell what we believe are 100% the best products on the market. Family Surfing is a business funded mainly by retail and we try to be a profitable one, but our overarching aim is not the pursuit of profits.

Our Brands

We don’t take anything other than the best. So far we stock Kidsskin, Surfersskin, Seasoft, Beyond and Seastix. has been set up to provide families looking to enjoy the beach and learn to surf with the best information, equipment, advice and support.

Our family business knows about surfing – we’ve been surfing worldwide for 50 years. All of our surf products are proven in the industry. We have set up a web store on which we will stock with only the very best brands, perfect for families that surf together! So here is what you need to know about what we stock:

Our Seasoft Surfboards are the choice of surf schools throughout Europe, because they work well and last longer. These boards are not just for learning – you can use them anywhere, anytime. Buoyant, flexible, with a flexifirm® slick bottom and soft deck and rails, learning to surf and whole family fun has never been easier! These are the best learner boards you can buy. You can buy from us with 100% confidence because we only sell 100% quality products that we fully guarantee.

Surfersskin and Kidsskin, our organic sunscreens are made to the highest standards in the world – the 2012 Australian standards – and are the choice of RNLI lifeguards and beachgoers throughout the country.

We stand by all of our products for far longer than any other supplier; our parent company Seabase is the biggest supplier of surf materials in Europe – and has been for 40 years.

Buy with 100% confidence. We know our stuff, and for 50 years people have trusted us to supply their family surfing. Don’t just take our word for it! We are all about giving 100%, we are 100% waterproof, 100% quality. Trust us, we surf!